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"ANZ Bank has a great Asia Pacific strategy and there are many stories and angles and research to be done into this whole new world of financial services and business in the region that the media couldn't possibly cover anyway.

Lacoste Jacket Womens

Lacoste Jacket Womens

BlueNotes will appear on Twitter and LinkedIn, with a Lacoste Cap

Lacoste Jacket Womens

Lacoste Jacket Womens

Mr Cornell, a former journalist at the AFR, has joined the ANZ team as part of its bid to pool talent from within the company and further afield.

"As much as we can we want to be independent. We link out just like a normal media site. But we are coming from an ANZ perspective[our aim is] to explore issues as independently as we can."

conversation around these very important areas of business.

Lacoste Jacket Womens

When asked if she felt Lacoste Clothing

Lacoste Jacket Womens

"We aim to work alongside traditional media in providing stories that can be used as background, as context or research," she said, "or they can take pieces of the story, as The Australian Financial Review has done today with an Andrew Cornell story."

Lacoste Jacket Womens

BlueNotes will not masquerade as "independent media", Ms Gome said.

"We also have the means now to become publishers we can build up our own social media networks and have a distribution channel that we previously didn't have. So not only can we publish our own stories but we can distribute them out through our own social footprint."

ANZ's group general manager corporate communications, Paul Edwards, brought in business communications firm Brunswick from the US to guide the conception of BlueNotes, after seeing its work with a number of American companies in recent years.

"We call it corporate editorial.

Lacoste Jacket Womens

large potential audience in ANZ's 61,000 employees and eight million customers.

´╗┐ANZ launches into editorial space

Lacoste Jacket Womens

Lacoste Jacket Womens

"Partly, [BlueNotes] is in response to a concern that the media has fewer resources and isn't as capable of covering areas like the financial services and Asia Pacific as it once was.

"That's not to say they don't they still do but there's room now for more Polo Shirts For Men Black Front And Back

Amanda Gome, formerly of Fairfax and Private Media, moved into the newly created role of group head of strategic content and digital media at ANZ in February, and says the venture is not in competition with traditional media but complementary to it.

ANZ is looking to head the growing trend towards corporate editorial enterprise in the Asia Pacific region, with its own online finance publication, BlueNotes, which launched today.

"At Lacoste Jacket Womens the bank, for example, we've got more than 100 researchers, we have experts in very specific areas, and it really is about building and unleashing their expertise and being able to put that into great stories and then sharing it."

"We've seen in the US a number of large companies have been down this track for quite a few years and it's really just starting here," Ms Gome said.

BlueNotes had any direct competition, Ms Gome said, "no".

Lacoste Jacket Womens

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