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Antonio's "famous chips" had several versions under the title "For Starters." An order for Noelle's Nachos would serve up Antonio's famous chips covered with cheese for $6.89. Pino's Panchos comprised the same chips but covered with beans, melted cheese and guacamole for $7.25, and if I ordered Nachos Deluxe I would have received the chips with beans, cheese and the restaurant's famous carne guisada.

As much as I enjoyed the Santa Fe chicken, I look forward to sampling some of the other artfully designed meals such as Antonio's Monterrey Deluxe (an eight ounce fajita) or the Antoquea fajita topped with green peppers and onions complicated with a jack cheese enchilada covered with mole sauce.

The wait staff never seemed to slow down; my waiter was so busy he didn't come by my table to refill my coffee cup. As soon as I asked, he promptly delivered.

I enjoyed my meal, too. I appreciated the homemade flour tortillas, although I would have preferred corn tortillas. But homemade tortillas of either variety are a definite plus and shows the restaurant is willing to go the extra mile, which it did for the whole meal. The chicken was delicious, the tomatoes fresh, and the beans were entwined with a fine ensemble of flavors.

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts botana for two at $19.99, parrillada for four ($39.99) or parrillada for six that would cost $55.99.

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

"Just the Right Combination" was even more creative, with the Jalisco including three cheese enchiladas with rice and beans, the Taxco coming with three crispy tacos served with rice and beans, and Oaxaca bringing two crispy chalupas served with rice and beans. I could also have ordered fajitas asadas under Grill'N and Chill'N, or chuleton asado (grilled rib eye steak), costillas asadas (grilled ribs), tacos al pastor, or chicken fajitas. There were even party platters Polo Shirt Fred Perry Jual

Customers seemed to enjoy their meals. Lacoste Polo Outlet Sale

I had come to Antonio's early on a Saturday afternoon. Customers filled most of the tables; I waited a couple of minutes wondering if I should find my own table or wait to be seated. Finally a young lady greeted me with an eager smile and asked me where I would like to sit. I chose a table in a room to the side of the main eating area.

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

I thought it would be great to bring a group here sometime to sample one of these expensive plates, but I was here alone this particular day and decided on the Santa Fe chicken that fell under the heading of "Mexican Favorites" (that also included smothered burritos, Milanesa chicken, pollo en mole, etc.).

´╗┐Antonio's Mexican Restaurant

The main dining room rose like a cathedral into a voluminous space filled with a love ballad by Luis Miguel. Warm tones of orange and canary yellow covered the walls, waiters in dark blue shirts and khaki pants moved quickly across Saltillo tiled floors, and a stairway bordered with ornate ironwork led Fred Perry Polo Shirts Jd Sports

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

While I waited, I absorbed more of my surroundings. This room set off to the side had a slightly different color scheme from the main dining area, with some walls the same canary yellow and others in a warm burnt sienna. White curtains softened the afternoon sun into a gentle glow that flowed past a fountain. Long tables in an adjoining room seemed to wait for the next big party, and openings between the two were hung with baskets crowded with geraniums and pothos ivy.

The tables of the entire restaurant, wooden with high backed chairs of dark earth green, completed the Southwest ambience.

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

A robust fellow in an orange shirt worked enthusiastically on a bold lunch. Steam rose from another table where a woman ate a soft taco, while a young girl restlessly pulled her hair back while the family conversed. One table vacated, and the bus boy quickly removed the plates to prepare for the next group.

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

I found Antonio's to be a wonderful place to bring friends or just come alone, to enjoy some fine and innovative Mexican meals reasonably priced. I think you will too.

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

to a second floor past a ceramic jar decorated with calla lilies.

Mens Black Fred Perry Polo Shirts

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