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The urgency ordinance would prevent new businesses from opening for 45 days but could be extended up to two years.

"We're trying to work things out and come to some sort of solution," said Simmons, who expressed frustration that T's, which she is trying to relocate, would remain closed under the moratorium.

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Allan Moore, an attorney representing The Internet Room owner James Hayes, said in a Feb. 6 letter that the city's old code from 1982 was not meant to apply to the Internet. Cities also have limited discretion when First Amendment rights are involved, Moore said.

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Antioch is considering a moratorium on new Internet access businesses so that it can set ground rules for their operation in the wake of concerns about illegal activity stemming from them.

Recently, though, Antioch has received complaints about the cafes drawing illegal activity, such as loitering, panhandling, theft and assaults, leading the city to revisit how they should be classified and regulated.

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Over the past two years, Antioch received applications for shops described as offering print, copy, fax services and Internet access, which it envisioned to be "Kinko's like businesses," Wehrmeister said in a staff report.

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Earlier this year, Antioch identified the Internet cafes under the part of its city code regulating mechanical or electronic games. The decision effectively blocked Simmons' attempt to relocate T's downtown because it was determined to be 1,000 feet from a school.

The calls dropped to 158 between Feb. 1, 2011, and Aug. 30, 2011, after T's closed at that location.

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´╗┐Antioch looks to set regulations for Fred Perry Polo Black Red Internet cafes

money through sweepstakes games. In Antioch, two of these cafes offer the sweepstakes to entice customers; a third business recently closed but is trying to relocate in the city. Patrons receive more chances to play the game of luck if they purchase additional Internet time or phone cards.

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Municipalities around the country are grappling with the legality of sweepstakes cafes, which are often said to resemble casino slot machines. The City Council's decision, however, will not focus on whether the "sweepstakes games" are illegal gambling but rather set rules for the businesses' operation, said Tina Wehrmeister, the city's community development director.

The city met with the businesses Monday to discuss the rules, she said.

Both Simmons and The Internet Room owner James Hayes appealed the city's decision.

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At these so called Internet cafes, patrons purchase time to go online and receive chances to win Lacoste Mens Polo

Patricia Simmons, owner of Cot on the Web and the temporarily closed T's Internet Cafe, said she and the city have been working toward a compromise.

Antioch's goal is to establish operational rules, such as prohibiting minors during school hours, requiring alarms, surveillance cameras, security guards Lacoste Mens Polo Shirt Uk

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and an indoor waiting area to avoid loitering, Wehrmeister said in a staff report.

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Calls to police outside T's Internet Cafe at a strip mall on A Street jumped from 157 between Feb. 1, 2009, and Aug. 30, 2009, to 240 during the same period a year later after the business opened, according to the staff report. Classic Polo Shirts Online India

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