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It's clear that Hill became, and remains, a heroine to many women. It's also clear that while she doesn't reject it, she remains somewhat uncomfortable with the status. In an interview at a Manhattan hotel, she Cheap Polo T Shirts Online India seems almost more excited to discuss her work preparing a strategic plan for Brandeis than her public persona.

"People responded with outrage to that," Hill says. "But even more, I realized that here we are 20 years later and the issues are still resonating in the workplace, in universities, in the military. So if 1991 could help us start a conversation, how then can we move this to another level? Because clearly we haven't eliminated the problem."

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Cheap Polo T Shirts Online India

Cheap Polo T Shirts Online India

The sight of that all white, all male panel, in clear contrast to Hill, is one of the more striking visuals in "Anita."

Hill says she was inspired by the reactions she was getting from people as the 20th anniversary of those Supreme Court confirmation hearings approached particularly in 2010, when news broke that she'd received a voice mail from Thomas' wife, Virginia, asking Hill to "consider an apology." (That voice mail opens the film.)

like 'Mad Men'!"

such a harsh contrast between who they were, and me and how I looked, in that blue suit," she says. "It was a reflection of their power and privilege. And I think the public saw that and related to me though at the time, I just felt isolated."

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"In some ways I'm not very well suited, I think, for that position of heroine," she says. "People do want that person who is sort of out there and vocal and adamant about who they are and what they want. But I wouldn't be credible if I didn't come to this with my own personality."

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"Can you believe it was JUST 22 years ago?" she says. "It's Lacoste Kids Glasses

Cheap Polo T Shirts Online India

"That happened in direct response to the growing realization of what the American public had seen in the hearings," Greenberger contends.

What if the hearings were to happen now? Much would be different, Hill believes, including the language used by the senators. "I do not believe we would have an (Sen.) Alan Simpson saying 'that sexual harassment crap,' for example," she says. "The conversation has changed. We as a society have accepted that these are important issues."

Hill has had no contact with Thomas, who had no comment for this article; she also never answered his wife's phone call. And she's had no contact over the years with the former senator who ran the hearings, Vice President Joe Biden, of whom she has been critical (though she says she's a supporter of his boss.)

Hill says, before all this, she'd planned to build a career in international commercial law, perhaps in Europe. "It would have been a very different life!" she laughs.

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Hill left the university in 1996, and landed at Brandeis soon after. In 2007, she was back in the news when Thomas wrote a book, "My Grandfather's Son," in which he described her as rude, a mediocre worker, a liar, and his "most traitorous adversary." She wrote a New York Times op ed piece saying she would not allow Thomas to "reinvent" her.

A life, likely, without hate mail. Hill says the worst part wasn't the actual hours spent testifying about painfully explicit matters, or when Thomas was ultimately confirmed to the Supreme Court, but what happened when she returned to her teaching job at the University of Oklahoma.

"It doesn't bother me," she says. "It's important to help them focus on what their learning objectives are, and not on me as a person."

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"I was getting threats," she said. "People were trying to get me fired. Friends of mine were fired." At the same time, she was getting bundles of letters of support from across the country. But the threat of losing her job felt more immediate.

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"Back then, this was an invisible issue, until Anita testified," says Marcia D. Greenberger, founder and co president of the National Women's Law Center. Not only did Hill's testimony raise public consciousness about sexual harassment in the workplace, she says, and spur other women to make claims, but only months later, the Civil Rights Act of 1991, which addressed issues of employment discrimination, was passed with strong support.

´╗┐Anita Hill in spotlight again as new film opens

Hill says that in her day to day life, "1991 just doesn't figure in." Case in point: At Brandeis, many of her students don't even know about her past. Hill points out that her grad students were only children in 1991, and the undergrads weren't even born.

"She was a reluctant witness, and she remains a reluctant public figure," Mock adds. "But she is proud to be a part of this journey that she never intended to be on."

Reluctant heroine or not, Hill often evokes a passionate response, says filmmaker Mock, who has accompanied Hill at film related events.

Cheap Polo T Shirts Online India

Cheap Polo T Shirts Online India

"I had no idea she was a rock star," says Mock. "But it's a routine: People stand up when she walks in. They shout: 'I love you!' and 'I believe you, Anita!'"

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