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The Pitt Meadows dentist and city councillor and Liberal nominee in the riding of Pitt Meadows Maple Ridge knows more about the topic than most. history at university.

And both his grandfather and father paid the tax, Lacoste Cap White

It's interesting history, but Bing doubts Chinese people hold any resentment or grudges, although he still believes an apology is needed.

Bing said he doesn't know much about his grandfather and because of the language difficulties, isn't sure of his name, which he admits is embarrassing. It may be because Bing was the youngest child and those conversations were never had.

the past or say that it had nothing to do with them, "it revictimizes those involved. It's really downplaying their suffering. Thoughtless, really."

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It's an issue to be weighed carefully. Will an apology be seen as just another cynical courting of the ethnic vote, in wake of the uproar involving ethnic outreach?

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"They were the only group singled out for this tax," which didn't apply to South Asians, Japanese or any other group.

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"A lot of Chinese felt they weren't full citizens because they felt they were discriminated against for so many years in really a unique way.

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"They decided they didn't want them and if they wanted to come, they would have to pay. But they paid, so they kept raising it, till they stopped them."

'Apologize for head tax'

"I think I was one of the lucky ones."

The discrimination endured until 1947, when it was repealed in the aftermath of the Second World War.

"I know firsthand about the head tax."

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Like millions of second generation Canadians, he lost his ancestral language. He married a non Chinese woman. His friends are white.

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"By then, society had changed. Growing up, I didn't feel that, but I heard the stories and I felt the pain as those stories were related."

That happened when Canada simply banned Chinese immigration with the Chinese Immigration Act on July 1, 1923.

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$500 each, when they came to Canada in 1910.

Even if some may see it as Mens Lacoste Shorts a cynical move to get votes, Bing says the time is now because survivors are getting on.

On rare occasions, he's encountered prejudice, but the incidents are too few to keep track of.

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Ask Maple Ridge Museum director Val Patenaude what's on file in the archives that tells about the early Chinese experience in Maple Ridge and the reply doesn't take long.

When he hears people arguing against an apology and that Canada shouldn't dig up Lacoste White Shirt Women

Bing's great grandfather first came to Canada Cheap Golf Polo Shirts Uk

to in 1870s to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway as it struggled to span the continent and unite the country.

With the discrimination, Chinese had little impact on Maple Ridge

In addition to his dad and grandad, Bing's aunt also experienced the head tax. Her husband had to pay it when he arrived in Canada. She was invited to Ottawa to hear the federal government apology in 2006, something Bing said was greeted with "great joy" by the Chinese community. Those who paid the head tax, or their surviving spouses, also received a symbolic payment of $20,000, as did Bing's aunt, who now lives in Chilliwack.

"I see myself as a Canadian, period," Bing said.

Bing says the head tax was first set at $50, in 1885. It then was raised to $100 in 1900, then to $500 in 1903, "basically to exclude the Chinese from coming to this country.

When the last spike on the new railroad was driven in 1885 and the cheap Chinese labour no longer needed, the head tax was slapped on to keep them out.

A question facing the scandal rocked government of Liberal Premier Christy Clark is whether to apologize to the Chinese community for the head tax charged in previous centuries.

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Mens Lacoste Shorts

His grandfather and father operated an import export business in Vancouver, where Bing was born in 1951.

"This is my country. I'm Canadian. I don't see myself as any other."

"I think it's very appropriate for the government to apologize. It's a very serious historical wrong and probably one of the saddest chapters in the long history of racism and discrimination in the 1800s towards the Chinese."

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