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I can almost see it now, those ancient monotheistic mathematicians trying to get their heads around such an unreasonable number before crying out Cheap Womens Polo Shirts Uk

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Not like odd numbers. Oh, not the low ones you can count on your fingers.

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The number 13 in many cultures was considered sacred and powerful for its lunar associations.

The early monotheistic religions, in order to establish themselves, systematically and ruthlessly wiped out polytheism in a campaign of genocide and terror that lasted centuries.

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"No! Stop! It's evil!"

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If you look at various mythologies around the world, you can see that the light/dark duality is not nearly as clear cut.

Plus the human body has two of a lot of things, and nice two based symmetry, left and right, up and down. Even numbers are great, aren't they?

Hey! Back to the monotheists now, because you have to admit, their impact on subsequent history has pretty much shaped the world we know, right down to Tony Abbott and the dredging of the Great Barrier Reef.

Let's go a little bit further back for a moment. Or perhaps a step sideways, since monotheists who loved order didn't always rule the whole world.

Probably from about the time monotheism (worship of one God) got funky and people started to understand their world through the lens of the opposing polarities of good and evil, God and the Devil, etc etc.

Then there's the number 13. How did we get to this state of affairs, where a perfectly innocent number has gathered itself such a bad reputation?

Even the Norse Loki, a famed trickster, would sometimes do nice things to make up for doing nasty things.

The ones a little bit higher like 13. It's a prime number, so it's Fred Perry Mens Shirts

In polytheistic societies people were Polo Shirts Order Online kept quite busy trying to keep many conflicting Gods happy, Authentic Lacoste Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

´╗┐Are you afraid of Friday the 13th

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"The number 13 in many cultures was considered sacred and powerful for its lunar associations."

Two is a nice easy number. One plus one. One or the other. Nice, clear cut, easy to conceptualise and count on your fingers.

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which may have meant they were a little bit more open to complex things like cause and multiple effects, degrees of light and dark, chaos.

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Now in one year, there are 13 lunar cycles. For people who worship many Gods instead of one light/dark duality, this number wouldn't have been quite so confusing.

not divisible by anything except one and itself.

You can't put it in any nice, neat groups. It doesn't fit into anything.

In ancient times, many polytheistic (worship of multiple Gods) cultures worshipped the moon.

Donnybrook Bridgetown Mail journalist Nina Smith writes about the truth behind unlucky 13 and The Courier's Gav McGrath explains it in more detail in our video.

There weren't necessarily good Gods and evil Gods; each mythological figure embodied a bit of both, to varying degrees. A bit like human nature itself.

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