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"We encapsulate all areas of public health here, and we expect it to be an all around learning experience for Victoria," said Corinn Dembkoski, a health program specialist at the division.

The Public Health Apprentice Program connects the centers with local health departments and tries to give young men and women interested in public health the opportunity to learn how local agencies work on a daily basis. The program was expanded in 2010 and has placed 60 people in 20 states across the country.

She was assigned to be an apprentice with the Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services after a series of interviews with the federal centers earlier this year.

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

apprentice program is a good way for the health department to create a relationship with the centers.

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

periods, and it's hard Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt to gauge your impact."

"We get the advantage of having somebody who has learned from academic experience in public health that can now put it into practical experience," Mayor Donnalee Lozeau said. "I think it's an honor for our community, and it speaks very well for our public health department."

Dembkoski said the mayor was also supportive of the program.

"I've never really been at an organization that focuses only on public health and community services," she said. "I'm also excited because it's this long. I've been in other programs for shorter Fred Perry Oxford Shirt Dress

"We hope she'll leave here in two years and say, 'Oh, this is what public health is,'" Dembkoski said. "We want her to take what she's learned in textbooks and put it into practice."

In the first year, Alabi will focus on communicable diseases within hospitals where she will do case investigations, health promotion and outreach to the community.

"It's all happened really fast," she said, "but it's good to see public health in action."

"It's not as easy to have a voice in the other areas I applied," Alabi said. "They welcome me here and really work together. There's a real team work effort, and I appreciate that."

Alabi will get hands on experience collecting data, performing research and shadowing different people in their work for the health department, on Mulberry Street downtown.

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

Dembkoski said the Polo Ladies Shirts South Africa

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

Alabi said her goal is to understand more about public health and how it functions in a community like Nashua. Dembkoski agreed and said it's all about giving Alabi some real life experience.

She said she is excited for the fellowship in Nashua because it's altogether different than what she's done in the past.

"I'd never been to New Hampshire before," Alabi said, laughing. "This is going to be a new journey, but I wanted to be in an area where they do community based work.

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

Alabi studied and worked abroad in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has completed internships and programs for the United Nations and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

"She fits Ladies Designer Polo Shirts Uk

Alabi said her ideas and opinions are valued more highly than in other popular programs, which she called a benefit of working in a smaller city like Nashua, as opposed to a place like New York.

In year two, she'll shift her gaze to environmental health and chronic diseases, doing similar work in health promotion and community development but also focusing on disease surveillance.

Nashua is the only public health department with an apprentice in New England.

NASHUA When Victoria Alabi won a fellowship with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Apprentice Program, she was elated. When she heard it was in New Hampshire, she said she needed a map.

´╗┐Apprentice joins city Division of Public Health

right in," Dembkoski said. "It's been great so far, and we threw her right into everything."

Alabi started the two year fellowship on July 19. She said she has already been out on a tour with a food inspector, worked with the state epidemiologist, and gathered data at an STD clinic.

Fred Perry Retro Ringer T Shirt

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