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Deiter isn't appropriate for a home with cats or small animals, but may be agreeable with a compatible larger dog because of his tendency to play rough and chase.

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A calm, timely cue will usually redirect Deiter from any "naughtiness" he may ponder. He learns quickly. He's perfecting his obedience routine and improving walking calmly on leash, although he still pulls hard when overly excited. He enjoys a game of "Rottie Relay" and loves basic hide and seek games with treats.

Deiter will blossom if he's given a job to perform. Activities such as weight pull, skijoring, carting, dog Fred Perry Harrington Jackets

Lacoste Cap Green

Lacoste Cap Green

Deiter willingly shares his toys and food with folks he knows and is learning "Drop it" and "Leave it" commands. He is confident, not gun shy or noise sensitive. He happily allows his handlers to "examine" him and loves to be brushed.

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He craves human attention. His happiness shows in his prancing gait, furiously wagging stubby tail Polo Shirts Manufacturers Uk

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His crowning glory is his gorgeous head with his expressively sculpted eyebrows and air of nobility. When alert, there is just a hint of wrinkling adorning his massive head.

Deiter is a kennel favorite because of his good nature, endearing spirit and love of play. He enjoys a good game of "catch me if you can" and Rottweiler "snowblower," and he loves his squeaky toys.

ARNNE hopes someone will open their home and heart to Deiter and save him from a life of loneliness and boredom. He deserves so much better than a concrete floor, limited human interaction and a "prison" cell.

Deiter is energetic, highly intelligent, social and appropriately alert. He is becoming better behaved with the limited training he is receiving.

As a Rottweiler, Deiter's breed has endured years of negative publicity that's biased and fed by propaganda. Deiter appears to have been well bred and is likely from Lacoste Cap Green German working lines. He's correct in type and temperament and athletically built, true to the Rottweiler's working heritage. His ebony coat is sleek with correctly placed accents of deep mahogany.

and body that writhes with excitement when he anticipates a visitor.

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Deiter has lived in a lonely shelter for four months. ARNNE, a local nonprofit rescue, is having unusual difficulty in finding a home for Deiter because he's large, at 110 pounds, powerful, mature, intact, has had limited socialization and needs further training.

ARNNE has established specific, but necessary requirements for potential adopters to ensure a good match is made. Because of his size and energy level, it is requiring him to be in an adult only home, preferably with a Rottweiler savvy trainer/competitor or experience with "power breeds."

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sports, agility, tracking or whatever he enjoys and is happy doing will engage his body and mind appropriately.

´╗┐Animal Rescue Network of NE seeks home for lovable Rottweiler

He recently lost his home, family, freedom and son through no fault of his own. The Animal Rescue Network of New England hopes St. Patrick will shower Deiter with Irish luck to help him find his "pot of gold" in a forever home.

Lacoste Cap Green

Lacoste Cap Green

Lacoste Cap Green

Deiter, a 3 year old Rottweiler, is down on his luck.

He tries so hard to please that he anticipates commands. He'll perform an entire training routine just to figure out what he needs to do to magically make the "hot dog" treat holder spill its treasures for him. He's super food motivated and responds wonderfully to praise.

he knows and accepts you, he is a love bug. However, as many of the "guard dog" breeds will do, he will test new people by barking and jumping up on them. If the stranger is calm and confident, he or she can easily earn Deiter's respect and he will warm up to them.

Deiter will be neutered prior to adoption. He is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on monthly flea, tick and heartworm prevention. He has been wormed and is microchipped. He tested positive for Lyme disease and received treatment as a standard protocol, with no symptoms present.

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