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"It's very intimidating to people; they think they're going to break the website," McMurray said.

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As with Wikipedia, items can be added or edited right through a Web browser, with no additional software needed.

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Report (New Hampshire is "tardy") to information about lawsuits filed over the state's open meeting laws.

"We're trying to get much more friendly, much more visually appealing," McMurray said, adding that if wysiwyg software becomes available, "I expect the number of our users will explode."

Nonetheless, McMurray says many people are put off by the Wiki software, which can seem intimidating to newcomers because it isn't "what you see is what you get," or wysiwyg in other words, editors can't see how their changes look while they're editing.

In an attempt to allay fears, the site has a number of video tutorials that show people using the software, but McMurray says what's really needed is a more user friendly version of collaborative software as long as it, like Wiki, is open source rather than owned by a single company.

That's the idea of Sunshine Review, an online publication that uses the software powering Wikipedia to let people provide information about what their state or city government is doing, and how open it is about those actions.

´╗┐Anyone can become a government watchdog

Its coverage is spotty, at best: It has nothing about New Hampshire open meeting legislation or local and county officials, for example.

"The ideal (volunteer) is that person who shows up to every town hall meeting. I'll say a persistent citizen, who has all the data, and is aching for a place to load it up and organize it. That's what we provide."

have had a couple of volunteers that really came and made over a state's pages," said Kristin McMurray, Sunshine Review senior editor. "Pennsylvania is an example. It has a lot of articles on school boards, teacher contracts written by someone who had been on a school board and left so he could write about it.

The idea of Sunshine Week is to help people like you know what your elected officials are doing. So, why shouldn't you be one of the people helping that happen?

Sunshine Review was originally affiliated with the Sam Adams Alliance, a politically conservative nonprofit, but has been on its own for two years.

It's associated Lacoste Long Sleeve Polo Black with a couple of similar programs, including WikiFOIA, a Wiki devoted to the Freedom of Information Act, and two online sources of government information called JudgePedia and BallotPedia.

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The project, funded by grants and some donations, has a half dozen full time employees who help with writing and Lacoste Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

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Such weaknesses and strengths are typical of user generated projects, which depend on the knowledge and interest of volunteers willing to find information and then post it, using the sometimes confusing Wiki software.

editing, but most information comes from the roughly 2,000 people who have added or edited articles.

"If you want to post, go for it, because we're going to double check your resources," she said.

The 2 year old project is a user created report that touches on everything from a state's rating on filing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Polo T Shirts For Sale In South Africa

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"We Lacoste Baseball Cap

(The term "Wiki," which comes from the Hawaiian word for "quick," refers to a type of collaboration software. The name and the software predate Wikipedia, which adopted both when it launched a decade ago.)

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But like Wikipedia, it can be surprising in its depth. For example, it contains a list, with considerable detail, of taxpayer funded lobbying associations, including such little known groups as the New Hampshire Association of Assessing Officers.

She urged people to plunge ahead, despite their fears.

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