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´╗┐Another Study Sees No Vaccine

But there's no scientific evidence of that, said Dr. Paul Offit, chief of infectious diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Polo T Shirts Online Cheap

give more reassurance to parents," said lead researcher Dr. Frank DeStefano, director of the CDC's Immunization Safety Office.

He said it's understandable that parents might worry. "You see your baby receiving all these vaccines. It looks like too much. It feels like too much," Offit said.

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The findings, which appear online March 29 in the Journal of Pediatrics, cast further doubt on a link between vaccines and autism spectrum disorders a group of developmental brain disorders that impair a child's ability to communicate and socialize.

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More recently, worries have shifted to the notion that children are getting "too many vaccinations, too soon." In the United States, children can be immunized against 14 different diseases by the time they are 2.

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and security. You should never select this option if you're using a publicly accessible computer, or if you're sharing a computer with others. government study finds no evidence that Polo T Shirts Online Cheap more vaccinations increase the risk of autism. children with or without autism, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found no connection between early childhood vaccinations and autism risk.

Every day, babies' immune systems battle many more antigens than are present in vaccines, DeStefano explained. "Most infants can handle exposure to many antigens," he said.

DeStefano said his team focused on antigen exposure, rather than just the number of vaccinations, because that gives a more precise idea of the "immune system stimulation" kids received through vaccines.

But, he said, there's no biological basis for the idea that vaccines "overstimulate" the immune system, and that somehow leads to autism.

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The findings are based on 256 children with an autism spectrum disorder and 752 autism free kids who were matched to them based on age, sex and health insurance plan.

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A recent survey found that about one third of parents thought children receive too many vaccinations in their first two years of life, and that the shots could contribute to autism.

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Children with autism and those without had the same total exposure to vaccine antigens the substances in Men's Lacoste Polo Shirts Sale Uk

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Polo T Shirts Online Cheap

Then came concerns about thimerosal, a preservative once used in certain childhood vaccines (but never MMR) that contains small amounts of ethyl mercury. Again, international studies failed to show a link to autism.

vaccines that trigger the immune system to develop infection fighting antibodies.

The first worries came from a small British study in 1998 that proposed a connection between the measles mumps rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. A spate of research since has found no link, and the original study was eventually retracted by the Lancet, the journal that published it.

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