Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Now, should republicans listen to the left in regards to things unions bring?But, that goes both ways, the liberals/left/progressive/dems should listen to the repubs regarding unions as well.

worked to create a doable retirement plan for the litlle people there.

I'm not smart enough to suggest a middle path that would work, let alone get both sides to agree. But I can tell you that it would include compromises that _nobody_ really likes and lots and lots of pork. Pork is one of the lubricants that lets opposing interests work together, and we have a lot of opposing interests in Washington.

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

When you think of civil rights, you think of liberals, but most conservative republicans agree with freedoms and rights for all, and arrest those who Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt would deny anyone those rights.

The irony regarding civil rights is that the two greatest pieces of legislation promoting equality and civil rights were both pushed and passed by a majority of Republicans. The fact is, that since 1933 (the beginning of Progressive Era in American politics) Republicans have had a more positive record on civil rights than Democrats. In 26 major civil rights votes since 1933, Democrats opposed civil rights legislation over 80% of the votes. However, Republicans voted for the same civil rights legislation in over 96% of the votes.

´╗┐Are liberals just not getting it

be sustained.

people and shrinking.

Also in Connecticut, we will now have our elderly parents, whove worked hard all their lives, and possibly part of your monies are involved as well, or will be, as convicts are to be side by side in nursing homes.

The middle is the message of whats good and what isnt.

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Now, we will see how greedy this corporation, ummm government really is, as we watch Stockton go down in flames, and see people, you know, the little people, get their retirement funds cut, and this time itll be after the fact, because everyone believed the liberals, not before, like in Wisconsin, where a supposed rotten conservative searched and Us Polo T Shirts Online Flipkart

The conservatives have been warning about the foolishness of unions when government was involved, as even FDR had more sense than todays ilk does regarding this.

The liberals will make us into a socialist state. If not buying votes, then gaining popularity with more and more nannyism.

We can shift to Connecticut, where we see a major shift in gun control, which wont effect whats happened there, or Colorado either.

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

The point being made here is, conservatives have warned time and again about the unions, its ties to the democratic party, buying votes, and the costs which cannot Us Polo Assn Clothing Uk

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Make em feel good until a lousy republican comes in to fix it, harming the little people all the way along Im sure the headlines will read, if unfortunately there does happen to be another mass shooting.

The dems/liberals actually went so far as to spend millions to discredit the Wisconsin governor, as did the unions there.

They took out after Wisconsin, saying what a bad governor it had, made him out as a racist of sorts, a typical republican who doesnt care about the little people, education, firefighters, police, unions.

Let the libs fix it

Be a libertarian. It's the closest thing to common sense that is left.

The state cant afford it, and if youre on the left, who likes prisons anyways?

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Having gone thru another election, we saw the left rally, scream, create racism, sexism, move the goalposts as to who is rich and why they should pay more etc.

I think that the conservatives (you being likely among them) demonize the liberals and drive themselves ever further to the right, and the liberals (myself among them, a gun toting Democrat) demonize the conservatives and drive ourselves further to the left. The truth, as it always has been, is in the middle. We are abandoning it.

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

I dont believe abyone can be pushed one way or another unless the lack of sincere thought is involved.

They sought him out to be a monster, a careless man only out for the rich/corporate and if you believe that far, serf/higher ups master.

The conservatives will bring back serfdom, as in the great days of steel and railroads. If not buying votes, then gaining support among the wealthy by having them get more wealthy.

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

Not here with the unions/stockton/government scenario tho.

My example here is a city of 300,000 Lacoste Polo White

Fred Perry Red Polo Shirt

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