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He added that he's walked the trail so many times during its development that he wishes he'd logged his steps with a pedometer: "I'm sure I would have already logged miles and miles."

"Since the weather was so great this winter, we hardly skipped a beat, and we actually got finished much earlier than I had anticipated," Emerson said.

´╗┐anticipated Rail Trail to get a warm welcome Monday

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He said the Parks Department has recently Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk invested in bike racks for all around the city, which along with the trail should make it easier for locals to leave their cars at home.

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

infrastructure improvement that people have been waiting for," he said. "Out of all the issues in the city of Newark, I get more questions about when the trail is going to open, so clearly there is an immense amount of interest in it."

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

Jerry Clifton said this week that as a city councilman, the trail is the single most asked about project on the public's radar right now.

Gov. Senator Tom Carper and Newark Mayor Vance A. Funk III are all planning to attend the grand opening celebration of the 2 mile long walking and biking trail, which extends along the old Pomeroy and Newark Rail Line and north into White Clay Creek State Park.

goal is to encourage people to get out of their automobiles and either walk or ride their bikes to destinations where they might normally drive," he said.

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

"This will really make Newark a great place to bike and walk and the more physical activity you can encourage the public to do, the better off you are," said Mayor Funk. "I walk a lot I love walking, so for me it's just going to be a lot of fun."

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

turns into a more natural setting once you get into that north area, which is a neat feature. Also it will connect to White Clay Creek State Park, which is miles and miles of trials."

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

Local officials are already working with a large scale company to plan a triathlon for next summer that will start and finish at the city reservoir, just off the new trail. Coordinators are still working out the logistics of the event, but the trail could possibly host part of the 20 to 25 mile bike portion of the event, said Downtown Newark Partnership administrator Ricky Nietubicz.

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

City officials have big hopes for the trail as a means to encourage physical fitness among residents, relieve traffic congestion and possibly even draw some large scale public events to the city.

"It will be lit and have call boxes, and with its proximity to Main Street and Newark Shopping Center, we can help out business and traffic at the same time," said city councilman Stu Markham.

The $4.7 million project, 80 percent of which was funded through the Federal Highway Administration, has been 10 years in the making, said Newark Parks and Recreation Director Charles Emerson, who has overseen the project from its outset. It involved acquiring land rights, and clearing and paving the tracks to a former rail line that was abandoned in the 1920s, he said.

"I really enjoy the more natural areas, so I enjoy the north section a lot. It's one of those urban trails that Polo Shirts Wholesale Los Angeles

There will be plenty of opportunities to use the trail to connect local parks, Emerson said, including the former Curtis Paper Mill site, which the city is planning to start redeveloping soon.

Each section of the trail has its own interesting aspect, he said.

Dri Fit Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

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