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"The hard Lacoste Tumblr part in multifamily is where do you store food waste in between collections?" he asked. "You start having odours. You start having vermin problems."

But New York City recycling czar Robert Lange cautioned Metro planners they will face big challenges, particularly in their ambitious plans to enforce widespread food scrap pickup for composting and to get tenants in multifamily condos and apartment buildings to improve their abysmal recycling rates.

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Despite an apparent "plateau" in citizens willingness to be inconvenienced to recycle, he said he believes Metro's 70 per cent target is achievable and New York is likely to adopt the same goal.

Even so, he said, it's tough to deal with multifamily buildings.

But he said such technologies are unproven at handling anything more than 500 tonnes of garbage per day a tiny fraction of the 11,000 tonnes per day New Yorkers toss out.

Metro Vancouver's single family homes do better with a 46 Lacoste Green Preppy Sunglasses

Tenants in many buildings drop recyclables down chutes and there's no way of knowing who sent what down into the common bin.

New York has just a 17 per cent residential recycling rate due to its many apartment towers close to Metro's 16 per cent rate for multifamily residents.

In an interview with Black Press, Lange also addressed the contentious issue of waste to energy plants, which dominated Metro hearings on the proposed new solid waste plan last spring.

Organics make up 40 per cent of all garbage in the waste stream here, Lacoste Jacket Red

"Your debate, like our debate in New York City, is not based on science, it's based on emotion," Lange said. "And that's not usually a good basis for making public policy."

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Tougher enforcement is part of the plan.

He doesn't expect it will be any less controversial than in Metro Vancouver, where the proposed solid waste plan awaiting approval by the province would allow increased garbage incineration despite vocal protests from opponents, particularly in the Fraser Valley.

"It's almost impossible to give tenants a ticket for recycling," Lange said. "And quite frankly they know it."

´╗┐apartments pose huge recycling challenges

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so the strategy to divert food waste to make compost or biofuel looks good on paper.

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New York tried for five years to launch food waste pickup but failed to make it work, Lange said, citing an inability to get residents on board, particularly in apartment buildings, as well as the high costs of collection and difficulty marketing the end product.

New York, meanwhile, has made few gains despite having a small army of gun toting waste enforcement officers to ticket residents who defy the rules and put recyclables in with their garbage or vice versa.

But Lange said apartments often have inadequate space to store recyclables let alone compostable food scraps.

Gathering all food scraps in green bins along with yard waste is central to Metro's waste reduction strategy, which counts on the initiative getting the region halfway to the new 70 per cent recycling target from the current diversion rate of 55 per cent.

While he said there is no silver bullet to Women's Sports Polo Shirts Uk

The Big Apple may follow Metro Vancouver both in setting an ambitious target of recycling 70 per cent of all waste and also seeking to incinerate garbage that can't be diverted.

Lange has also looked at more modern waste to energy technologies, which are touted by proponents as much less polluting than traditional mass burn incinerators like Metro's existing burner in Burnaby.

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The director of New York's bureau of waste reduction, reuse and recycling was the keynote speaker addressing 400 delegates at Metro's Zero Waste Challenge Conference.

per cent rate, but it takes superior recycling numbers from the construction and demolition industry here to pull the region's overall rate up to 55 per cent.

Last year, they slapped 56,300 repeat offenders with fines totalling $10.1 million and gave out $25 fines to another 38,000 first time violators.

Metro intends to ban all organics pickup by 2015 and to have the ban in place for single family homes by the end of 2012.

get better compliance, making recycling convenient is critical and probably the single most important thing Metro can do.

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New York planned to put a garbage incinerator in each of the five boroughs, starting with Brooklyn, but that strategy was dropped in the mid 1990s in the face of fierce political opposition.

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But Lange predicts the issue is coming back sooner or later, adding New York continues to study waste to energy options.

Lange said it can take months of continuous daily ticketing to get many violators to comply.

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