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For one thing, I'll apologize to Lollidropp. I couldn't think of a title, and, seeing she was online, asked her for help. I then thought of a title before she had a chance to reply, and had to send another message saying to forget the first one. Sorry about that.

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Because if they had asked, I would have Polo Shirts Cheap Online been temted to say "AnonymousSama. Google it." and Mens Lacoste

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Polo Shirts Cheap Online

of course, school comes first.

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´╗┐Anonymoussama's Journal

The picture didn't look good in the actual story, so it wasn't used there.

For anyone who knows of me on Tumblr, I'll probably be on less. Sorry about that. When I first made my Tumblr, I planned to delete it at the end of the summer, but I've grown to like it it's addictive.

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it's one of those times when I write something and I just want to hug it.

I wanted to be 'Anonymous', because I had no intention of giving any information. (I've been a bit lax about that, filling out memes and all, but I still hide quite a bit in case you haven't noticed.)

walk away all snarkily. Which wouldn't have been good.

And most oddly, and I have parodied "Leather Pants" Hetalia style.

See, we were talking about how Hetalia fans always forget that Britannia Angel is a separate character, but England also has a specialty in age changing, and it must be in the genes, and This came about.

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I had to go to school for a little bit today, as a "Hi get your books" sort of thing. And everyone in school turned out to be lovely and didn't bother me with "What did you do this summer?" questions.

Well, school starts next week, and I'm very nervous. You know, "Which idiot thought I was mature enough to move up a grade?!" and all that. I hope it doesn't mess up my computer time too badly. I'll try not to let it, but Fred Perry Black T Shirt

Next, it was really sudden. I never even planned it here, it was just a burst of inspiration. I loved writing it, Fred Perry Grey T Shirt

If I had to think of a name now, I'd probably pick something different, but over the year or so I've been here, I've grown to like the name I chose.

And I was feeling a bit egotistical and weabooish, so I added Sama.

Don't be too upset, we aren't the best fandubbers out there. But it was amazingly fun to make. It took a while, yes, but was amazingly fun.

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Polo Shirts Cheap Online

Although the actual singing part various reasons, (oddly none of which are that we have bad voices, by the way), we might not want that on YouTube. So in that case there'll be lyrics and you can sing along.

I just put "Defeat" on Quizilla.

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I also didn't give England a single "Bloody", and even though he's a pirate, pirate talk was not used, including "Argh." So to make it up to you all, here's a bloody argh.

So yeah. I'll draw up a video for it (I SAY SO CASUALLY. HAHA. IT'LL TAKE A WHILE.) and then maybe I'll put it on YouTube for you all to enjoy.

What does your Quizilla name mean and why?

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