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"We were all quarantined for the morning in separate parts of the building just in case it was an airborne virus," said McCully. "The people came in with their 'space suits,' (chemical/biological protective gear) put the letter in a container, sealed it and took it back to Montreal for analysis.

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

taking those extraordinary measures, it's a little disconcerting. All you need is for someone to say 'It's okay.'"

But McCully said she is still left with lingering doubts as to the adequacy of the process. "It was very confusing Polo Shirts For Girls Tumblr

´╗┐Anthrax scare hits Quebec community newspaper

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

Quebec Public Health Doctor Louise Galarneau said it is not uncommon for delays of up to 72 hours before test results are available. She said if the test results came back positive for anthrax (which has never happened in Canada), the paper would have been notified immediately.

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

The two Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk employees were instructed to go home, take a shower and wait for the test results, which were promised within 24 hours. Twenty four hours later, employees of the Record were still in the dark. It took another 24 hours and repeated phone calls before the paper learned the powder Polo Shirts Online Shopping India

While staff at the Sherbrooke (QC) Record are breathing a sigh of relief after a recent anthrax scare, the paper's editor is wondering about the adequacy of the government's response to the situation.

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

"When there is no indication that the powder has spread to other people or rooms, you don't need to do as much (as if it circulates)," said Galarneau. "You just have to decontaminate the people who have come into contact with it and the area."

But another distressing part of the experience came after the space suited investigators hosed off outside the paper. "They said we should be okay to go back into the office and we found that a little surprising," she said. "They had no test results and nobody seemed quite to know what was what. One minute they were there in space suits and unwilling to even enter the building, and the next minute they open it to the public."

Record Editor Sharon McCully said the police were called immediately, putting an action plan was into place and calling the fire department and public health officials. About 50 emergency services personnel swarmed around the building which houses the 5,000 circulation paper.

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

"The two people who actually touched the powder had to remove their clothes, including cutting off their sweaters with scissors, and had to put them in a sealed bag. It was a little distressing," she said.

as to who was in charge," she said. "Let me just tell you that if it had been anthrax, we would have contaminated the whole city."

On Nov. 5, the Record's secretary opened a hand written envelope addressed to the editor. When she opened the letter, a mysterious white powder spilled over her hands, pants and desk. The letter was in block letters, and told the story of a Pakistani family who wished to come to Canada.

Galarneau said people were allowed back into the building for a variety of reasons. The building the Record resides in is old and, therefore, the air does not circulate enough to be a threat. Also, in Quebec, the owner of the building is responsible for cleaning the affected area.

"It seems they really don't have the process as fine tuned as they should," said McCully. "It's easy for someone to say 'Don't worry,' and 'Just wait,' but when it's actually on you and people are Polo Shirts For Boys Black

was harmless.

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

Lacoste Polo T Shirt Uk

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