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Lacoste Glasses Blue

Aiding the Rise of Superbugs?

Lacoste Glasses Blue

Lacoste Glasses Blue

Allison Aiello, PhD, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan, headed a group that analyzed several studies comparing people who washed their hands with regular or antibacterial soap. In all but one trial, she tells WebMD, "there was no difference between groups, either in bacteria on the hands or in rates of illness." In a single study, people who used antibacterial soap did have fewer bacteria on their hands, but only if they washed for 30 seconds, 18 times a day, for five days straight.

People in higher income brackets had the highest levels, Calafat tells WebMD. "Most likely it was related to use of products containing triclosan, although unfortunately we didn't have that kind of lifestyle information from the participants," she says. Triclosan can enter the bloodstream through the skin, the mucous membranes in the mouth, or the intestines.

Aiello's research "showed a trend toward more resistant bacteria" on peoples' hands after one year of using antibacterial soap. The finding didn't reach the threshold for statistical proof, but Aiello says, "that might only be because we didn't follow people long enough."Best Non Toxic Ways to Clean Your Home5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality10 Ways to Make Your House HealthierDecoding Product LabelsPots, Pans, Plastics: A Shopper's Guide Give Your Baby the Best StartHealthier HygieneSafer Food For A Healthier YouProtecting Your Piece of the PlanetAntibacterial SoapSafer Bug Spray: Natural Bug RepellentsGreen Home Cooling Tips: Saving Money on Air ConditioningNatural Insect Control: Flea and Tick Treatments for PetsGreen Ideas for the HolidaysTips for an Eco Friendly WorkoutGoing Green for the Holidays

Antibacterial ingredients have become so popular, they're literally in our blood. In addition to lead and pesticides, the CDC now periodically monitors levels of triclosan, the most common antibacterial agent, in randomly selected Americans.

Lacoste Glasses Blue

Lacoste Glasses Blue

At CDC's last check in 2004, "about three quarters of adults and children older than six had detectable levels of triclosan," according to Antonia Calafat, PhD, lead research chemist with CDC's National Center for Environmental Health.

Lacoste Glasses Blue

Lacoste Glasses Blue

Still, keeping your home clean doesn't mean you Fred Perry Polo Dress Uk

Early evidence suggests that the explosion in use of antibacterial cleansers may not be benign.

´╗┐Antibacterial Soap Alternatives

Fueled by demand, antibacterial soaps and cleansers have become the dominant products in their category. Today, more than three quarters of soaps contain an antibacterial ingredient. We talk with our wallets and manufacturers have listened, adding antibacterial chemicals to toothpaste, socks, plastic kitchenware, and even toys.

have to use these products, experts Lacoste Windbreaker Vintage

where patients are more vulnerable to germs. But the antibacterial ingredients in hospital strength soaps are up to 10 times the concentration of store bought soap, according to Aiello.

Lacoste Glasses Blue

Could a daily dose of triclosan cause health problems? Experimental studies show that triclosan can cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics in test tubes. So far, no one knows whether that leads to the same result in hospitals or homes. Some researchers, though, believe resistant "superbugs" Lacoste Glasses Blue created by widespread antibacterial soap use could be a real possibility.

Lacoste Glasses Blue

tell WebMD. Antibacterial and harsh cleansers are usually unnecessary. These products don't work any better than regular cleansers and they damage the environment and potentially place our long term health at risk.

Why don't antibacterial soaps work any better than regular soap? They do prevent illness in health care settings, Polo Shirts Manufacturers Uk

"Also, antibacterial ingredients don't kill viruses, which cause the vast majority of minor illnesses people experience," she adds. That includes colds, flu, and stomach bugs.

Lacoste Glasses Blue

This means that a cookie will stay on your computer even when you exit or close your browser which may reduce your levels of privacy and security. You should never select this option if you're using a publicly accessible computer, or if you're sharing a computer with others. Even if you select this option there are some features of our site that still require you to log in for privacy reasons. There's something about the very word that provides a feeling of protection. After all, germs are everywhere. Health experts tell us to wash our hands often to avoid illness. So why not use a product that seems to give an extra edge against the bad guys?

Lacoste Glasses Blue

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