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"The protocol has changed," he said. "Previously we were told not to do backslaps, but that changed in November."

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

automated external defibrillator (AED), a device that is showing up in arenas, aquatic centres and many commercial businesses.

Crawford said with family members, he would not hesitate to breathe directly, but with strangers, he would only use chest compressions.

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

Participants were also introduced the the operation of the Mens Polo Shirts Online Australia

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

"You need to tilt the head back and then look, listen and feel. Don't take more than 10 seconds before you begin chest compressions. Do 30, at about 100 beats per minute, and then blow into the person's mouth twice."

The new method of dealing with a conscious chocking victim is to alternate five backslaps with five abdominal thrusts.

patient's chest and analyzes heart rhythms. It then provides instructions to the operator as to whether to send a shock to the patient to stimulate the heart.

About 300 North Okanagan residents showed up for the two hour session. It included a pancake breakfast prepared by members of the Silver Star Rotary Club, which has been hosting the event since 1989.

a breathing device, I'm not going to put my health and that of my family at risk," he Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap said.

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

"You can break ribs," says Vernon firefighter Brad Crawford to a room filled with adults spending Saturday morning learning or improving their CPR skills. "In fact, I've never not broken ribs."

"They're very effective in saving lives," says Keith Green, Chief of Vernon Fire and Rescue. "For example, Seattle, which has many more of the units available, has an 18 per cent survival rate compared to six per cent for Vernon."

"The first year we had over a thousand people show up," said Weatherill. It was too much for us." Since then, the club has provided the classes to more than 12,000 residents, although they have restricted the annual enrolment to about 300.

Riding heard about a community CPR program sponsored by a Rotary Club in Seattle, and the club took it on as a project.

"In 1987, he was involved in two circumstances with men who suffered heart attacks when shoveling snow," said Dave Weatherill. "He didn't know CPR and all he could do was to phone for an ambulance."

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Crawford, using a dummy, then demonstrated the correct CPR technique for an unconscious person.

"We've had graduates of the program save people on the golf course, the ski hill and in lunch rooms. Just last week, a man from Lumby was hospitalized with a heart condition and released two days later. At home, he suffered another heart attack and his wife performed CPR for 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived."

During a one hour lesson, Crawford explained the pressure necessary to compress an unconscious victim's chest. With his teaching partner Cody Crawford (no relation), he demonstrated how to dislodge an obstruction that has prevented the victim from breathing.

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The program was initiated by then club president Keith Riding.

The AED contains pads that are attached to the Polo Shirts Online Shopping

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

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Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

´╗┐Annual CPR clinic trains 300

Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

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