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Harmonized Water promises to offer UV protection by neutralizing the UV rays. Students at North Carolina State University invented a nail polish that changes color when it comes in contactMore >>

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Michelle Burgess successfully guessed what "GYPO" means. "Get Your Pants Off?" she asked.

´╗┐Apps that keep parents in the dark

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) A pickup truck crashed into a children clothing store in suburban West Palm Beach Monday afternoon. More than 84 percent say they do.

We asked moms and their teenagers to take our technology test. We asked about new apps that allow kids to call, text and send pictures for free, as well as the latest "teen lingo."

not going to deny that pictures that are really risqu go through that too," she said.

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

We worked with SmartParents, a service that allows parents to monitor their children online, to show you what your teens could be saying on their high tech devices.

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

You may think you on top of it, watching what your kids text using the plans you pay for, but did you know there are new apps out there that allow teens to call Polo Shirts Sale Macy's and text for free? They don even need a data plan.

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in a way, just not knowing," mom Carol Coleman admitted.

spraying on sunscreen. "It comes off then you haveMore >>

But teens are finding ways around your watchful eyes with new apps that let them text and share photos without you ever knowing. And they created new codes for the texts you can see, codes you need to know. Your child safety could depend upon it.

Parents didn score too.

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"It scary Lacoste Glasses 2018

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

Hailey says though she never sent a revealing picture, it does happen. "I Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts No Minimum Order

Truck crashes into clothing store then drives offTruck crashes into clothing store then drives off

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

And there are apps that allow people to "text" pictures, which disappear from the receiver phone in seconds.

"There been kind of an arms race between parents and technology," explains Gerry Polucci, the CEO and Founder of SmartParents. "And parents are losing."

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

Could just a few drops added to your water add up? Soaking up the hot summer sun means Lacoste Clothes Offer

Carol Coleman was surprised to learn "LMIRL" means "Let Meet In Real Life".

Students at North Carolina State University invented a nail polish that changes color when it comes in contact with a date rape drug.

Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

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