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Antiques Everything old is new again

She runs the gamut and mixes items such as actual pieces of ocean coral to Italian Desimone tableware and even has several collectibles from the Bedouin culture in her shop.

Naranjo Smith spent 40 years working in interior design and "fell into" the consignment business through her design projects. She is one of fewer than 130 certified appraisers through the International Society of Appraisers and works closely with each and every client to price items appropriately.

When asked the difference, she says that not all of what she sells is old and a true antique, so she refuses to consider herself a true antiques dealer.

Pull up to Stokes Chic Antiques and you immediately notice the charming robin egg blue color of the building. A sign outside reads "Shabby Chic Antiques," but once you step inside it's anything but shabby.

"I have everything from the sublime to the ridiculous," BJ says. Some of her most interesting items include an American Federal mirror from 1806, a pristine set of Old Paris Porcelain from 1780, rose glass Baccarat candle holders, Napoleonic era Polo Shirt Suppliers Philippines

dishes that one could easily see in a museum, and an extensive collection of Transfer wear bowls, plates and platters.

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"We opened and then 9 11 hit," Terry says. But despite that initial setback, they have managed to establish a successful business since then. Terry has been in Abilene since 1979 and initially came to work at Hendrick Medical Center. When describing their shop, Terry says, "We specialize in vintage clothing, costume jewelry, collectibles and antiques. We have a little bit of everything." They have even worked closely with the Abilene Philharmonic to help with its annual fundraiser dcor. His business partner, Tracy Boss, is an Abilene Christian University graduate with a degree in marketing and has worked running the business full time since it opened in 2001.

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

It's About Time (1395 Albany Street S. 14th, 325 692 7239) is owned by Pam Sumrall, Susan Pittman and Terri Whipple and promotes their shop to consumers by promising to "thrive on the unexpected" as the sign to their doorstep reads.

Terry Stubbs and Tracy Boss are the owners of Fabulous Finds (715 Grape St., 325 677 5110) and focus most of their efforts on estate sales.

"We enhance our old items with what's new and on trend," Terri says. A perfect example is an industrial looking light fixture that hangs prominently as you walk into the store bringing together both an old feel with modern touches. In addition to the industrial infusion, one of the biggest trends right now, Terri says, are items from burlap, linen and more "natural" elements.

In addition, there is a vast array of vintage stained glass window panes and the like.

Hazel has been doing business in Abilene selling what she calls "junk" for over 40 years, so she should know.

Running her shop out of Slim Willet's old ice cream parlor, Hazel sells everything from used furniture and true antique pieces to hard to find items like old kitchen appliances, vinyl record albums and jewelry boxes.

"We're a little jewel box; you never know what you'll find," says owner Dalia Stokes.

"Estate sales are our forte," says Terry. The two bought the building they are currently housed in, renovated it themselves and opened the doors for business in July 2001.

If you're looking for a piece of history, an authentic piece of vintage jewelry, a conversation starter for your home or some kitschy fun Abilene is home to a unique mix of antiques and vintage stores. for their vintage finds and collectibles.

She catalogs each piece by hand on paper, although she has been additionally selling items on eBay for close to 10 years.

Goldfinger Antiques (518 Butternut, 325 676 5440) is a family business own and run by Mary Patterson and her son Randy. Open for only two years, they have an impressive selection of European furniture from all over including pieces from England, France, Germany and Holland.

"She also serves lunch," shouts out one of her store staff members from the backroom. Hazel's has an amazing range of items that make it fun to roam around including a full box of vintage Vogue and McCall's dress patterns from the 1950s and 1960s.

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

specialty is bringing in pieces from Europe," Randy says. Walking into the store you immediately get a sense of true European quality and unique offerings that include a stained glass piece from Indonesia, an elephant chair from India, many English bars and a big selection of beautiful glass pieces that include glasses, bowls and vases.

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

Antiques Almost (141A Clyde St., 325 695 2423) is owned by BJ Naranjo Smith who has run the shop in Abilene for 21 years. Walking through the store is like taking a tour through history. Antiques Almost started as a consignment shop and still operates as such today.

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

Terri says that while they primarily focus on "the old" they do inject some contemporary items into the mix.

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

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Born in Goshen, Ind., but raised in Abilene, Dalia's personal love of antiques and decorating as well as "the thrill of the hunt," as she puts it, comes through in every detail of the shop. Dalia prides herself on bringing in pieces from far and wide and even imports to achieve just the right offering. She works directly with clients to find a desired item or will consult on an entire design Fred Perry Izzue Shirt project. She even offers custom painting to deliver exactly what a customer is looking for.

Hazel's House of Fine Junk (1117 Pine, 325 672 8563) is just that. Owner Hazel Chapman is definitely the "grande dame" of Abilene's antiques scene and is quick to differentiate by saying: "We feature fine junk, not really antiques."

When talking to BJ, you quickly come to understand that she is not only well educated in the fine art of antiques, but has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of every piece in the store and knows the history behind each one, as well.

"I don't want this place to be a museum," she says. "I want make antiques accessible."

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

about an eclectic mix. That's what we strive for," says Terri. The store is well organized by themes that include cottage, home garden, and even a special "black white" room.

"I was an early adopter," she says about her presence there. She prides herself on bringing truly unique antiques to the community.

Fred Perry Izzue Shirt

You're immediately transported into a charming French chteau, surrounded by influences from Provence as well as all things toile and some perfectly amazing antiques. From large armoires, to unique decorative bird cages, paper weights, candle holders and mirrors to true statement pieces of furniture the store is a wonder to behold.

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