Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

THE PARACHUTE DROPAnt: It's always interesting to see how different people cope with the parachute jump. Steve liked it, but Alfonso was terrified. He was a big ball of sweat. I said to Dec afterwards, if it got any worse he'd have needed some Fresh Pants Of Bel Air.

Dec: And a lot of liver too.

THE JUNGLE ROMANCE BETWEEN JOEY AND AMYAnt: We haven't had a jungle romance for quite a few years, so we really wanted Joey and Amy to get together. They sat next to each other, they stood next to each Polo Shirts Sale Macy's

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

THE LIVE TRIAL: 'CRITTERS GOT TALENT'Dec: We're always nervous for the live trial. Most of the time it works out well, but you never know what's going to happen.

got much bigger testicles than we ever imagined. Apparently, it takes forever to eat a testicle like that.

´╗┐Ant and Dec reveal their favourite jungle 2013 moments

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

years ago.

LUCY TACKLES 'LIMOSCREAM'Dec: The trial was horrid, but Lucy did well.

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

THE CONTRABAND CRISISDec: There's been a lot of tension in camp and the biggest tension is about contraband. We've never had celebrities with this much contraband before. Mind you, we did have a big issue with Gillian McKeith's salt and pepper knickers a few Lacoste Quilted Jacket

Ant: Joey was tarred and feathered, but he was fine. I don't think he would do well on Britain's Got Talent, judging by his singing voice. I'm not sure we've found any talent from him.

STEVE DAVIS TAKES A TUMBLE IN 'SCARES ROCK'Ant: Steve slipped into the water before we'd even started the trial which was a first. We had a wonderful time laughing our heads off.

AMY'S 'HANG GLIDER FROM HELL'Dec: It was a surprise when Amy was chosen. If you don't like heights, it's not the one for you. Plus, there were 40,000 bugs in there with her. But it was nice and quick, so we managed to get a game of golf in.

Ant: Amy's contraband concealer was hidden for days, but who was in the wrong there? Amy was in the wrong for having the concealer, and yet the people who dobbed her in had all used it. It was a tricky situation.

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

Ant: That trial was awful.

Dec: I think you mean offal.


In typically hilarious fashion, the cheeky pair who will crown Kian, David or Lucy king or queen of the jungle reveal in a Sunday Mirror exclusive the highlights that tickled them most.

Ant: It took a very long time to film. What did we learn that day? That turkeys have

other, they talked to each other.

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

Ant: We knew Joey wasn't going to get into any trouble in the jungle. Why? Because he won't confrontate anyone.

JOEY'S 'CONFRONTATE' CATCHPHRASEDec: Every series needs a good catchphrase, and this year Joey came up with an absolute corker.

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

As 12 million viewers prepare to tune in to tonight's final, I'm A Celeb hosts Ant and Dec hail it the most memorable series ever.

Dec: This has to be one of my biggest highlights of the year. That trial wasn't really suited to him. Poor Steve. But thankfully he won three stars in the end.

Dec: They were attracted to each other for a number of Fred Perry Offshore Jacket reasons they are the same age, they have the same colour teeth, and they have the same colour tan and the same wavy hair. They're like peas in a pod.

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

Ant: That trial took a lot of guts and a lot of heart.

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

There have been tears, tantrums. and some of the most stomach churning Bushtucker Trials to date.

was some trial and a great way to celebrate Ant's birthday. The eating trials are always evil, but Joey and Matthew went camel toe to toe on that challenge.

Fred Perry Offshore Jacket

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