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Under current guidelines from 1995, appellate judges are limited to $10,000 annually for CLE but judges may go beyond that amount if they travel as board members of national or state organizations.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

average citizen on the street would also share that view, said Metropolitan Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche.

In response to our questions, Jones, the court's chief judge, provided documents explaining that travel policy is set by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

"I will say this and this is a fact that virtually every lawyer in New Orleans knows is that the workload of the appellate judges on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is significantly less than the judges of the civil district court and criminal district court below them and that of the justices of the Louisiana Supreme Court above them," said Loyola University Law Professor Dane Ciolino.

Ciolino rubs elbows with many of the judges at these seminars.

"If a judge is traveling extensively, that means they're not on the bench, Goyeneche said. that's what the public put them there to do. is not alone. Also attending the Montreal trip was Judge McKay. When Lacoste Polo Shirts Bulk Buy

Some of his fellow judges log fewer travel days over an entire year.

Mike Perlstein / Eyewitness News

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

NEW ORLEANS It is widely known in the legal community that the judges of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal don't share the hustle bustle and daily dockets of the district courts they oversee.

´╗┐Appellate court judges racking up high travel expenses

Like all other lawyers Louisiana, the judges are required by the State Supreme Court to get 12.5 hours of continuing legal education each year. Some of the judges get all of their hours right here in New Orleans, but others rack up more than what's required.

"Now all CLE programs are not created alike and not all are in the city, Lacoste T Shirts White

But similar to the lower courts, we found wide disparity from judge to judge on the Fourth Circuit. In fact, the three highest single year totals of the three courts we analyzed all belong to Fourth Circuit judges Charles Jones, James McKay and Edwin Lombard.

Take a look at Jones' travel in one month alone, in July 2010: From July 9 through 14, he was at a convention in Vancouver, Canada. One day after he got back, he was off to Chicago for a three day symposium. Then he finished the month with six day international law symposium in Montreal. That's 15 days away from the bench that month, and each day comes with a $118 a day per diem.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

"I don't think this is a prudent use of public dollars. And I think the Polo Shirt Lacoste Original

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

"Dollars are tight in every branch of government. Use those Lacoste Polo Shirts Online dollars more efficiently and effectively to deliver the quality continuing legal education that they want for their judges, but without spending dollars that we're seeing that I many in stances can only be described as extravagant, Goyeneche said.

he said. are in distant locations. Virgin Islands.

But from their stately courthouse in the heart of the French Quarter, there is one area in which some of these appellate judges surpass their lower court counterparts travel for continuing legal education and other work related conferences.

McKay's other trips in 2010 included the Virgin Islands, Denver, Williamsburg, Tucson, Destin and New York City. Lombard's 2010 travel show trips to San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Destin, New York City and Jamaica.

In fact, looking at the most recent audited travel expenses of the state courts in Orleans and Jefferson parishes, as well as Jefferson's Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, we found that the Fourth Circuit topped them all, spending an average of nearly $10,000 per judge in overall travel dollars for the court, including staff.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

Jones went to Napa Valley with his wife in 2010, Judge Lombard and his wife also attended.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

Lacoste Polo Shirts Online

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