Fred Perry Bomber

Fred Perry Bomber

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Have there been any cures discovered for cancer? if so, why haven they released the cure? Fred Perry Jacket Red

You touched upon one of the big issues, which is where does the profitability come from? Treatments do make big pharm lots of money. Cures, when available, can also be very profitable for big pharm and many others.

I think the people providing most of the money are the ones that decide if they want a permanent cure or something people need to keep paying for over and over again. However the reason the big drug companies have money to invest is because they make a profit. The person that helped the scientist just wanted to save his kids. It also clear that many of the current diseases may well be directly and/or indirectly associated with Western habits, lifestyles, diets, and probably many of the artificial and chemical ingredients the Western lifestyle is exposed to every day.

disease that no one should ever have to experience.

Fred Perry Bomber

I can tell you that scientists working in universities and research institutes are genuinely interested in making progress, because they want to make a difference, because of the prestige of making an important discovery, the importance of publishing significant papers and the need to have results to get more funding for research. other scientists make the decisions. I am not saying the process is perfect, it can be subjected to fashions and politics, as much as any other human endeavour, but the needs for big pharma corporations really don play a big part in these decisions.

I am also not sure I really see the difference between and The problem with cancer and a lot of the diseases that are plaguing us now, is that they result from mutations in the DNA. This makes them a lot more difficult to cure than a disease that is caused by an external pathogen. Type II diabetes is really a lifestyle disease. Many people diet and inactivity is so different from how the body is designed to function, that the body own mechanism for dealing with glucose get broken. Again this is quite difficult to stem cell therapy when it comes about is really the only way I can reasonably see of curing diabetes. It is really a lot more complicated than just figuring out a chemical that would the disease. This really is the reason why it is difficult to come up with a cure, and a lot of what is coming out of pharmaceutical companies are treatments that stop the condition from killing people straight away.

Fred Perry Bomber

I have an uncle with cancer and he is at stage 4. Let face it, if cancer was to completely disappear all of a sudden, many industries would likely come crashing down, would they not? Same for diabetes, and other "chronic" diseases. So, how about it? ARE they really trying to come up with "cures", or is that just a convenient means of getting people to donate time and money in fund raising events, etc.?

Has any country come close to a cure, of any sorts, for cancer yet? With cancer killing so many people every year, i am wondering if medical science has found.

She works for an educational institution and not for a pharmaceutical company. I cannot vouch for what the executives at the pharmaceutical companies are doing, and if they are just bankrolling research into treatments, that might not surprise me a whole lot. One thing that you must consider, before getting too cynical about big pharma spending money on research, is that a lot of research in life sciences if funded by governments and charities. In the US the NIH, National Institutes of Health, spends amazing amounts of money on research into health cures. In Britain research is funded by the government and by charities such as Cancer Reserch, as well as big pharmaceutical companies.

Fred Perry Bomber

Will there ever be a cure for breast cancer? Breast cancer is an absolutely horrible Personalised Work Polo Shirts Uk

Fred Perry Bomber

I have a friend who is a cancer researcher and they really are trying to find a cure. Treatments, they have. Cures are thin on the ground.

Fred Perry Bomber

Fred Perry Bomber

Fred Perry Bomber

Fred Perry Bomber

Diseases are very complex, cancer for example, is not just one disease Fred Perry Tennis Shorts

However profitability was a major factor. The fact that the medicine would need to be taken Fred Perry Bomber every day made it more attractive to the investors. If the medicine only needed to be taken once then the company would probably have invested their money elsewhere. The money is going into medicine that can make them a profit.

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and there will likely be no single cure. Diabetes, in the case of the type 2 variety, is very much related to a Western diet. Moneys who live in the wild will develop, diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome within a short time of raiding the rubbish bins of nearby restaurants.

Science has developed many medications but there are many factors involved in the development of diseases like cancer and diabetes, such as: diet, exercise, genetic predisposition and even stress. There was a really smart scientist working on a cure for a disease. There was another person that helped the scientist out by getting him a lot of money but they still needed more money and more help. A big company provided them with more money and resources and they were able to develop a drug that helped with the disease.

Fred Perry Bomber

Fred Perry Bomber

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