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Global PC sales fell last year by 4.3% despite the release of Windows 8 states Gartner Inc. (Major independent statistics research group)

What do you think the main appeal is in tablet computer technology?

Custom built PC's are primarily built by the enthusiast crowd, not necessarily for their performance (though that plays a part) but because of personal enjoyment and satisfaction of building it. Tablets I dont see ever filling that gap, they are too restricted in what you can do with them hardware wise.

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With these points in mind there is much evidence out there suggesting something of a cultural shift where Tablet based devices are replacing more traditional PCs (Desktops/Laptops) as the primary computer device in the consumer industry.

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Tablets will never replace desktop PC's IMO, quite simply because they will never be as powerful. If it is possible to fit such powerful hardware inside a Tablet form factor and power requirements, then there will always be more powerful hardware where such limits do not apply.

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The Razer Edge tablet thing is a good example for this. I dont know the exact specs, but I have a decent idea. For $1000 you get an i7, 640m, and 1366x768 resolution. Would Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

Fred Perry Women

There are lots of folks who need large displays and stationary, powerful computers for work and play. Graphic designers, CAD engineers, compositors, and gamers are working hard or playing hard. Not only do they need large monitors and powerful graphics processors, they also need to stay still and focused in one place to accomplish their tasks; tinkering around on facebook or zipping off an email or checking your bank account or playing some rinky dink game is great on a tablet while waiting at the bus stop, but as popular as these activities are, they are not a threat to a custom, high performance PC built for or by gamers who want full graphical immersion, thick powerful sound, and hours of game play requiring sustained attention (without the distractions present in public Fred Perry Polo Black White Red


on that in a desktop? Heck no. And I think the next step up is a few hundred dollars for a 650m. Sure its nice to play games on the go, but I would never drop that kinda money to get anything but maxed graphics. Same type of cash can build a steamroller of a desktop. If they ever converge in terms of performance, we are a long way off from that point.

How do you think the on going development in the Tablet computer industry is affecting the market for tradition laptop/desktop PCs? And more importantly; the market for custom PCs?

The decline of PC sales will continue. People used to buy PCs for web surfing, email, social Fred Perry Women networks, word processing, listening to music, etc. Now, with a tablet that can do all of that, why buy some big ugly PC, especially when you can take your tablet with you. "Custom PCs" from companies like Dell (and the way overpriced Alienware) or HP will decline as well. But there will remain a demand for big, powerful PCs: cases, fans, water coolers, graphics cards, giant monitors, big surround sound speakers for those few of us who steadfastly demand QUALITY. Enthusiasts will continue to build their own rigs or have custom PCs built by a reliable, affordable builder like CyberPower.

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With on going development, tablet computers are becoming increasingly powerful and usable in practical situations. For the first time full functionality is becoming incorporated into such devices, with very powerful processors (Intel i5s), realistic amounts of RAM, Dedicated Graphics, USB, Display ports and not to mention full x86/x64bit Operating Systems.

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The defining feature of its category; Mobile Device. Quite simply you can use it on the bus and watch a movie in bed with it, its much more conducive for those low intensity daily activities where a desktop is either not possible or just doesn't offer the better experience.

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Side note: I did a quick search and couldn't find a similar topic, I'm more interested in starting a debate than a single answer.

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Fred Perry Women

In the end, I believe traditional desktops for the home (the business place is a little different) will dwindle to almost nil. Aunt Thelma will be doing her genealogical research on a tablet, and grandpa will be playing solitaire on his tablet. Britney will be sexting naughty photos to the quarterback through her new tablet, and the quarterback will be surfing the web for bad porn. Sam, who hates Britney as much as he hates football, will be doing his calculus homework on his tablet; but Sam is studying hard to become an engineer so that he can afford and build a giant, custom PC to play Crysis 12 on ultra.

I think tablets only really pose a threat within the mobile space, I just cant see tablets challenging the established desktop space in any real way except for maybe at the low end like HTPC's, but even then the desktop has the advantage of greater networking ability and storage.

´╗┐Are custom PCs becoming obsolete in the modern market

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