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The students take better care of tablets and other multimedia devices than they do with their regular textbooks.

cow, Brennan said, sort of scared the bejeebers out of (some of) them, because their paradigm has changed. of teachers teaching one lesson simultaneously to all of their students, trading textbooks for tablets has enabled students to work in small groups, at their own collective pace, going on ahead of their peers or circling back to revisit past material.

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think it got the potential to be a great educational tool, but I just worry about grafting it onto a model that isn working, he said.

Gliksman has a problem with how the LAUSD has said they be using the iPad: With no guarantees of good Internet access at many campuses, the district is planning on having most of its educational content pre loaded onto the tablet devices.

a textbook, you limited to what on the page, principal Chris Barrows said. of just reading about 9/11, they have video of the attacks and follow up and the text of the president speech (in response). the Buy Polo T Shirts Online India new school year only began on Aug. 12 at St. Aquinas, early reviews from students are positive.

But flipping the educational model concerned some teachers at Aquinas, and they worried about a potential lack of control.

Barrows said.

always get some push back when there (requests for more) money, but we doing something good for the kids, Brennan said. one was jumping up and down upset. it a savings compared to traditional media.

of the (teachers) I didn think would take to it really did, Keck said.

met some people who are concerned about that, Kumler said.

all the content on the iPad it like buying a sports car and leaving it in first gear, Gliksman said.

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Still, early indications, and last year pilot program, suggest it going to be a success.

personally very impressed, senior William Kumler said. have links to Wikipedia, you have videos on the side (of lessons). Our chemistry teacher has put his PowerPoint (presentations) up for us to look at.

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It was teachers who had a harder time with it.

the long run, when you put that Lacoste Mens Polo Shirts Uk

No more pencils, no more books at St. Aquinas High School in San Bernardino, both have gotten a 21st century makeover.

find textbooks in the quad every day, Barrows said. we never found a phone or an iPad. last year pilot program, only two of the 80 iPads got broken. All of them are covered by an insurance plan offered by Apple.

technology fee against textbooks, which parents also paid for, a huge savings, Barrows said.

The school is able to control some aspects of the students experience with a mobile management software system, but in practice, chose to give most of the day to day control of the iPads over to the students.

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just too many kids and too many messages, Lacoste Polo Shirts Sale Uk

felt that this would engage them more deeply than a book, school president Jim Brennan said. aren just passively listening to a lecture. opposed to the static images on a page, content created for the tablets marries multimedia along with direct connections to the Internet, using wireless internet available in each classroom.

The 400 student Catholic high school has replaced all textbooks with iPads for the 2013 2014 school year.

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it a kid pretending to take notes. that not a new issue, of course:

But their principal said it not likely to happen, unless there an emergency.

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Officials spent the summer upgrading the school computer network and training teachers how to teach with iPads instead of textbooks. To pay for all of this, the school has added a $250 technology fee to pay for students rented iPad 2s and the software that comes pre installed on it, atop the regular $6,750 annual tuition.

Ideally, be a lot more student centered learning. Students working together, asking questions, collaborating. . The process would be more on the approach of having students coming up with the answer, as opposed to what we call on the Stage. Aquinas isn alone in venturing out into this digital frontier: Last year, San Bernardino Valley College biology students began using iPads to explore anatomy. This summer, Los Angeles Unified spent $30 million to buy 30,000 iPads for students. And Bonita Unified in San Dimas is running their own pilot program, implementing iPads in the fourth grade at Gladstone Elementary School. (Look for more on that in an update later today.)

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Buy Polo T Shirts Online India

brought class management to a different level, Keck said. a kid is messing with his phone, that obvious, but it a little harder when Lacoste Polo Buy Online

already put music on it and pretty wallpaper, senior Margella Elad said. feel like it mine. theory, the school could remotely monitor everything the students do with the iPads.

no guarantees that anyone going to be meant to be doing in class, whether they using iPads or not, Gliksman said.

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Buy Polo T Shirts Online India

´╗┐Aquinas High gives all students iPads

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