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Now, anyone who has ever done any cold calling knows you rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to speak with your prospect on the first try. Ninety nine per cent of the time you get voice mail. The voice mail buys you a little time to think through the message you want to leave, or hang up and try again another time, or go back to the switch board and ask if he is in the building and can be paged.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

Every leader is selling: communication that's meant to move people from one mindset to another.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

It's really what differentiates you from your competition. Keep in mind, when you articulate what makes you different it needs to be in terms of how your customer benefits what's in it for them.

Selling is merely influencing other people moving them. Teachers and trainers, doctors and dieticians, politicians and parents, receptionists and repairmen, garbage collectors and greens keepers all need to know how to move other people. Being human involves interacting with other humans and sometimes influencing them to be or do differently.

In sales speak Mr. Hays was asking for my USP: my Unique Sales Proposition. That's simply a fancy way of saying "What's in it for the customer?"

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

In other words, "What's in it for me?"

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

"That would be Mr. George Hays our vice president of marketing," she replied in the sweetest of tones

sports marketing customers.

We all need to know how to move other people. We need to know how Fred Perry T Shirts Sale

"Well then Dave, I think we can meet," he said. And I knew it was game on with the Cowboys.

Yikes, what do I do now? I wasn't really expecting this.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

"Well Mr. Hays, we can help you increase the entertainment value for your fans, and increase the revenues of your football club," I responded confidently.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

"Hello Mr. Hays, my name is Dave MacLean and I am president of MacLean Sports Marketing. We are an international sports marketing agency.

to influence people toward a different mindset, attitude, belief or behaviour.

How is what you are presenting or proposing going to benefit the people you are leading? If you cannot answer that question succinctly and specifically then you need to think it through further before you begin to communicate.

Thankfully my communication skills were on auto pilot.

Back to Mr. Hays here is the question he asked me: "Dave, how can you help the Dallas Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum Cowboys?"

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

So, as I was mulling through my options in anticipation of the multiple rings I was about to encounter, I was shocked into reality by a commanding voice saying, "This is George Hays."

And by the way, everyone is in "sales." Everyone, regardless of your position within an organization, needs to know how to "sell."

Everyone sells, and you will be more effective if you remember Mr. Hays' simple Cowboy sales lesson. Fred Perry Polo Long Sleeve

´╗┐Are they buying what you are selling

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

I was looking to set up an appointment with the Cowboys when I was going to be in Dallas meeting with two of our clients: the Dallas Stars and the Texas Rangers. I figured I would try to add in the Cowboys as a client to create the Triple Crown of Dallas Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Whenever we are attempting to move anyone to another position, be it a mindset, attitude, belief or behaviour, we need to be able to articulate how they will benefit from what we are suggesting.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk No Minimum

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