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Forever and The Operative 2: A Spy in HARMS way.

I agree with casualcolors about the psychological issues, but ONLY Lacoste Cap White

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Killing female characters is actually pretty common in RPG's, but in this "fantasy" setting, people don't seem to react the same way as if, say, a female soldier in an online FPS were to get gunned down. I'm not saying the reaction is right or wrong, only that it most certainly exists. FPS makers are already under a bit of fire and I don't think any of them wants to be the first to add more fan to the flame by inserting female soldiers.

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played almost like it was something slapped together overnight. Luckily, it was only a free demo game I got on CNET.

If old games count, I really suggest playing The Operative: No One Lives Lacoste Outlet Online

´╗┐Any FPSFirst Person Shooter game in which a girl as main character

Oni is 3d person view but pretty cool non the less

Metroid one of the longest running, most popular games in history has a female lead. Mirror's Edge is one of my all time favorite games, and the female lead for that story is spot on perfect.

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I think in a single player context, however, that having a female is really great and I'm actually surprised not to see more of it.

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Wamdue project King of my castle video clip featured ghost in the shell

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I believe its mostly an issue of economics. If a publisher thinks that a male lead character is going to sell more games, then that is what they're going to code. Including a female character (such as in Lacoste Live Polo White MassEffect) requires not only new modeling and voice acting for the entire game, but also a rewrite and re code of much of the story. That means a big investment.

Ghost in the shell was comercialized in the older version of the now new game Syndicate called Syndicate wars , a poster of the protagonist was shown on billboards in that game.

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I would really like to see some more female leads in a serious FPS series.

I remember a somewhat older FPS game in which you played as a female character (dressed in red, I believe). I remember it because it was BAD; so bad I had to stop playing it. The voice acting for the enemies was terrible. They spoke in really bad middle eastern accents, saying things such as "Oh, I see you." "Oh, that will hurt in the morning." "Oh, I will find you." I am not joking. I wish I could remember the name of it as it definitely warrants a mention in the WORST FPS GAMES category. The graphics were very bad (even for its time) and it Lacoste Mens

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I don't believe any of the modern shooters set in the realistic mode offer female characters, but the reasons are pretty obvious. The vast majority of the playerbase is male, leading to it potentially being a waste of coding time vs. profit (hard to believe if you crunched the numbers, but for the sake of argument). Secondly, shooting women is just kind of seen as generally distasteful. If you think about it, there are very few games where you actually kill females. You could delve into the male psyche and come up with some interesting ways to expound that concept further, but you get the drift.

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Its pure fps with espionage theme ala James Bond with a 70s Retro Theme. The protagonist is a Spy name Kate Archer.

Of modern games that involve shooting at all (albeit not first person exactly), Mass Effect series is a cover shooter that does offer you the option of playing as a female version of the protagonist.

I was also about to mention Oni. But its third person. Though its really a good game. It has melee and shooting, think of it as a futuristic ninja.

in multi player games that are geared towards imitating reality (such as BF3). You shoot a woman in FarCry2, and I'll admit, I REALLY didn't want to.

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